Connecting your business to Japan!!

We will be your trustable partner in Japan.

How to explore Japan market?

Global Trade Partner

We will explore the Japanese products and technology you want, as your trading partner.

  • Halal certified Wagyu beef
  • Fruit (Apple, Grape, Peach etc)
  • Cosmetic & Daily care

Market Development

We will support penetrating your business in Japan, as your local partner.

  • Importer
  • e-commerce
  • Marketing & Promotion

Who We Are

A-Transglobal Logistics Japan Co., Ltd. was established as a subsidiary of A-Transglobal Logistics Snd. Bhd. in Japan.

We provide a business platform for connecting Japan and the global halal market, leveraging the strengths of a member of the Malaysian Muslim Corporate Group.

How can we help your business?