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Agro Products

Wagyu Beef (Halal Certified)

Meet the standard of “Kuroge Wagyu beef”.

  • Halal Certified

Premium beef (Halal Certified)

Hybrids with “Kuroge Wagyu beef”.

  • Halal Certified

Premium Chicken (Halal Certified)

Premium local chicken. Raw meat, sausage, procced products.

  • Halal Certified

Fish Sausage (Halal Certified)

Ready to eat. It can be stored at room temperature.

  • Halal Certified

Premium Fruit

Melon, Strawberry, Cherry, Peach, Grapes, Pear, Apple, Persimmon

  • Seasonal product

Green Tea (Halal Certified)

Flavor: Matcha, Original Form: Powder, Leaf, Teabag

  • Halal Certified


Skin carE (Halal certified)

The key component is a natural material.

  • Halal Certified

Botanical SKin care (Organic, Ecocert certified )

Plant-derived cosmetics. Organic and Ecocert certified is available.

  • Plant-derived


Sanitizer (Halal Certified)

Alcohol free sanitizer for kitchen, hand, mask etc.

  • Halal Certified


Chocolate (Halal Certified)

Flavor: milk, white, dark. Assorted package. OME is available.

  • Halal Certified

Daifuku – Soft Rice Cake – (Halal Certified)

Traditional Japanese sweets. An inside will be sweet bean paste.

  • Halal certified

Dorayaki – Baked soft cake –

It is famous for the anime “Doraemon”. An inside is a sweet bean paste.

  • Pork & Alcohol Free

Gelato (Halal Certified)

Flavor: Matcha, Milk, Chocolate, Cafe au lait, Strawberry, Salt

  • Halal Certified

Baked confectionery

Rice cookie. Baumkuchen. Flavor: Matcha, Original etc.

  • Pork & Alcohol Free


Ramen – Chinese style Noodle – 

Instant noodles with powder soup. Some has Halal certified.

  • Pork & Alcohol Free

Gyoza – Deep fried dumplings –

Gyoza is the famous Japanese menu inspired Chinese cuisine.

  • Pork & Alcohol Free

Japanese Curry

Form: paste, solid cube, retort pouch

  • Pork & Alcohol Free

Pasta sauce 

Form: Paste

  • Pork & Alcohol Free

Nori – dried seaweed – (Halal certified)

Traditional Japanese food used for sushi.

  • Halal Certified

Ready to eat meal (Halal Certified)

Japanese and Western

  • Halal Certified


Umeshu (Halal Certified) 

It is a Japanese liquor pickled with plums. It is made without alcohol.

  • Halal Certified

Amazake – Traditional Hot Drink- 

A sweet beverage made from rice and rice jiuqu, or sake lees.

  • Alcohol Free

Vanadium mineral water

Mineral water containing vanadium. It is a famous one made in Mt. Fuji.

  • Natural Product


Soy Sauce (Halal Certified)

Form: Liquid & Powder Organic is also available.

  • Halal Certified

Japanese Sauce (Halal Certified)

Flavor: Teriyaki, BBQ, Japanese, Chinese and for Soba & Udon 

  • Halal Certified

Stick Sugar (Halal CeRtified)

Stick Sugar for Cafe and Restaurant.

  • Halal Certified

Gelatine (Halal Certified)

For food manufacturing industry

  • Halal Certified

Wasabi (Halal Certified)

It is a traditional seasoning. Used for Sushi and Sashimi.

  • Halal Certified

Mayonnaise (Halal Certified)

Japanese Style. Flavor is sweet and rich.

  • Halal Certified

Mirin – Vinegar – (Halal Certified)

Japanese vinegar is famous as mirin. Made from rice.

  • Halal Certified

MISO Paste (Halal Certified)

  It is one of the basic seasonings of Japanese cuisine.

  • Halal Certified


It is a seasoning that makes food delicious. Ajinomoto is famous.

  • Pork & Alcohol Free

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